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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

After a long absence

I am back. Let's be fair the multitudes of people who I am sure read my journal, with its brand-new-ness, boring posts, and sameness as every bother knitting blog out there, I was in RI (which is not a horrible place, even if it snows, and I find myself resenting the implication that I won't be able to resist SF and its charms and stay here...not that I don't like it here; it's great, but...well I've never liked being told what to do (unlike all those people who LOVE it)).

Anyway the Knottie Knitter blogrolled me. I don't know what that means, how to do it back, or even how to link to her name in my post. The only reason I know is because she told me in person. If you are out there, friend o' mine, please send instructions.

I am going to have some FOs to post soon, once I stop being lazy.

And I need all sorts of knitting related prayers (non-denominational, denominational, who cares) that I finish my two projects by February. More on those soon.

Hey!! Okay...like I mentioned in my email, I'll help you learnd blog-rolling when we hang out. In the mean time, this is how you link:
when you typing in the "create new post" section, highlight the word that you want to link from (you could highlight my name "knottieknitter"), then, there is a little button at the top of the box where your posting, the button has a picture of a link. click on it. a little box will come up where you have to type the address where you want to link to....voila. the easiest way to do it is to copy and paste the web address that your linking to in order to make certain that your linking properly.
easy!! but if not...no biggie, i'll show you...

i should have spelled checked that shit...ooh well.

Also, I like your blog name as it reminds me of the sound that knitting makes, you know because knitting is onomatopoetic.

To Crisitna-Thanks...I'll get on that.

To Beth-which is why I picked it! Because, as we discovered last year, knitting is an onomatopoeia.

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