Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

Instead of Packing

I am posting.

I was thinking today about SnB's category of knitters, and I decided my knitting friends could be categories.

Types of knitters:

The Kristina
Anal, all the way. Everything has to be perfect (she once obsessed over a minor flaw in one of her tattoos so much she went back and had them fix it). All of her knitting looks machine-knit and she uses tiny needles.

The Cristina
Not to be confused with above, though also anal. The differences lie in her adamant refusal to make a gauge swatch and her apparent love of frogging perfectly fine items.

The Bethany
A newish knitter who is currently in the "haven't picked up needles in weeks" phase. We all go through that.

The Beth (mememe)
Again, not to be confused with above. The imperfect knitter. See (probably misquoted) transcript below to explain how a Beth knits.

Brand New Knitter: I keep picking up stitches, what should I do?

Beth: I just knit two together somewhere to fix it.

Cristina: I would rip it back to where you picked up the stitch.

Ta-da. Stay tuned for more self-absorbed posts.

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