Saturday, November 11, 2006 

Soleil Revisited

FO At Last

Many moons ago I began Working on Soleil (pattern on Knitty). Fewer moons ago I finished the pattern, but didn't like how it looked at the sleeves. They were too wide on me leetle shoulders.

Today, not any moons ago, I took it out and fixed it.

All I did was pick up (most of) the sleeve stitches and knit a cap sleeve.

I am quite happy with the way it turned out.


Poor Bethro

OK everyone, start pitying.

Why? you ask as you peruse my blog because you either a) know me b) are so obsessed with knitting that you read even the not-cool-or-famous blogs (which I imagine would be a full time job) or c) are perhaps stalking me.

Well, I will tell you. About forty-eight hours ago I had an almost complete sock, knit painstakingly (for the first time) on size ones. I risked carpal tunnel and a divorce through my obsession of the sock (ok not really on that last one).

Picture distractor!

Anyway, I was getting ready to graft the toe (my second favorite part of a sock, the first being picking up and decreasing for the gusset...pity I loathe heel flaps), when I finally admitted to myself what I had know since after the heel: this sock would fit a giant. My options were:

1) Give to my friend of the flipper-like feet (you know who you are). But, really, while her feet are exceptionally large for someone for whom it is socially acceptable to wear dresses (outside of SF), they are merely long and not, for example, as wide as a leg.

2) Try to convince some guy somewhere that purple IS a manly color.

3) Rip out the entire sock and start over.

Guess which I did.

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