Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Sockapalooza Ends (for me, sort of)

I have my socks! First, pictures.

The socks fit perfectly. Thanks, Anne! They are my very first pair of hand knitted socks.

They are really much more of a red than pink, and look very very awesome, so much so that a mere two dimensional photo could never fully capture the awesomeness.

Anne is from the English town depicted in this super cool banner.

Among the socks and the flag were these fine objects including....

stitch markers!. Another first for me. No more bits of yarn, no sir.

Anyway, I sent out my socks today, but with the spring cleaning daze and all, I forgot to send out the other stuff, hence the "sort of" in the title. Anne's package reminded me. So my sock pal is going to be getting more than one package.


Am I the only one who thinks spring cleaning is a hobby?

I dread it, and postpone it, but when it comes, spring cleaning is highly satisfying.

Today is kitchen day. Phil cleaned the silverware

and organized the drawer.

You can't tell me that doesn't look like fun.

In further pictures, Cristina took some with the new camera.

At first, as I was uploading the spring cleaning pictures (while taking a break from the Big Kitchen Clean), I could not figure out what this picture was. Then, I realized, it's her knitting bag and current project. It was like she left me a puzzle and I figured it out.

What the hell are my hands doing? Do I do that while I knit? I guess I do.

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