Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Olympic Gold

I have completed my Olympic knitting. You are completely welcome to hum various victory marches while you read this post.

I was going to wait until the scarf was finished blocking before I took pictures, but the whole situation just thrills me too much.

The scarf ended up about 40 inches long.

The detail looks so great, I took a could of pictures to try to capture it, but inevitably failed.

The side view on the blocking table (i.e. ironing board) looks OK

But I had to place a piece of paper underneath to get something even close to what it looks like in person.

Overall, I am fairly happy with it. The project challenged me, but I don't think I've changed my mind about lace knitting. It just isn't my favorite thing to knit.


Yarn and Other Important Items

Alicia, if you are reading this post, read no further; it contains birthday secrets.

Yesterday I had an interview in the Marina, which put me very close to my new favorite San Franciscan yarn store, Greenwich Yarn.

I bought yarn for my sister's birthday.

This will, through the magic of knitting, become the "Shadow Boxing" socks from Knit Socks . I decided on a contrast toe and heel in the black to make it interesting (and because she likes these colors). The lady at the store suggested this yarn (Rowan Cork) since it is soft and, says she, fun to use.

I also (finally) bought my Sockapalooza yarn: Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton

I just really like Debbie Bliss, and the wool/cotton combo will make the sock sturdier without resorting to nylon. These will be striped socks with short row heels.

I think both of these yarns are discontinued (I know the Debbie Bliss is). Greenwich Yarn had them in the sale section.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures on my finished Knitting Olympics project.

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