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Sunday, May 13, 2007 

More From the California Farmers

One of the Bay Area's gems is Acme Bread.

According to Phil, according to his buddy who makes his trade in bread (or should I say makes his bread in bread...no, no I shouldn't), Acme is a Mecca for bakers. Another interesting fact about Acme, they sell bread at the Kensington Farmer's Market. Today we picked out "sheaves of wheat" for a French Onion Soup we will make this week.

To eat the bread (or use it to soak up onion broth), you pull off one of the little bits of "wheat."

We thought it was clever and perfect for our soup.

We also purchased a local cheese.

Spring Hill Farms Monterey Jack. It's not Gruyere, but it's local and was just too good to pass up. These plus the 8 beautiful local onions we bought make me thing we should call our soup "California Onion Soup."

Just a little picture of the ladies (lest you thought they were lost in the move and I'm signing off.

all yummy. and the kitties look happy in their new home.

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