Sunday, September 24, 2006 

Priceless San Francisco Art

Walking back from Film Night in the Park, Phil and I encountered the best art we've seen in SF so far.

The picture is really a Calvin Klein ad. These googly eyes are everywhere, maybe hanging on the coattails of the BNE scandal.

The art does not just lie in the physical placement of the eyes, but also in the performance piece that came about accidentally (can there be "found" performance art? If so, SF is full of funny and sad examples). Phil and I spent at least five minutes trying to get a good picture with my phone. We stood in front of this gentleman's transformed tighty whiteys, and discussed how to adjust the brilliance so we could see the eyes. A long and loud "theeeeere it is" erupted from me when Phil finally made it work.

No one even glanced our way.

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