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Sunday, May 27, 2007 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Windows...and People...and Bethro

Greetings on this gray Sunday morning.

"Oh, it's so much sunnier on the East Bay."

"The East Bay will be nice and warm."

Lies. All of them.

Treating the Beth Right

A huge thank you to my friend and craft cohort Cristina who made me the most adorable house warming gift.

Although technically they are coasters, I just couldn't bring myself to put a potentially staining substance on them.

So now they live here. The pins say "look, I may take them down and use them."

The embroidered lady bug says "Don't put your f%$#ing drink on me" (sorry, Mim and Aunts, but that's how ladybugs talk. The whole "lady" thing is like calling a big guy tiny).

Thanks again, Cristina. It may be you have discovered my subtle color preferences.

The Ethical Treatment of Bloggers

Time and again, I have been shocked by how mean people are to each other online. Is it because there is no physical manifestation of how your pompous attempt to seem superior hurts people? I don't know. It's like the internet is the island from Lord of the Flies or something.

I saw a post on a sock knitters blog on LJ where someone was asking for help with toe socks. The comments were cutting.

"Even I could find this" one began, and then when the poster explained that she needs one for six toes and also has a wrist problem which doesn't allow her to knit on small needles, someone cut her down again. "It's so simple to calculate." They all seemed to imply that not only should the girl hate herself for being just too stupid to find toe socks, she should stand in front of the microwave to prevent infesting the human race with her inevitably inferior spawn. Ugh! Send the girl to Etsy (which I did) or shut the hell up. (Sorry, that was the lady bug again).

Here's a picture of Pan's belly to make you feel better after that unpleasantness.

Finally! The Ethical Treatment of Windows

Window Treatments.

These curtains hail from Ikea, but hemmed by yours truly (with technical support from Phil). With the left over material, I made leetle curtains for the door.

They really look way better than this, but the light is bad in this part of the room.

Now, I need some advice. I made a valance from some of the leftover leftovers, and created...

When the sun shines, it matches perfectly, when night falls, I get these colors. Should I leave it? Change it? Give up crafting and move to a hut somewhere? If the first, should I make valances from the non-Ikea material for the Ikea curtains?

Hardly an Ethics Issue

It ain't a whole room, but it's a start.

My very own craft corner. I'm going to make a cover for the sewing machine and leave it on the desk. I've been whipping it out for curtains a lot, and I think having it sit around would be awesome.

If you've stuck around this long, you should go get a drink or use the bathroom or something.

hey! i like what you did with the coasters - super cute - and like an homage to craftiness.
lj sock people = lame-asses.
curtains....ok, where do i start? awesome awesome awesome. love it all...and hey...looks like you might like red, a?

I am so much having craft envy.

I need more time. Much, much more time. And a sewing machine.

And a plane ticket to come see the Beth.

I don't mind the valance as is but if the sight of it gives you ladybug-mouth you could embellish with some scraps of the other fabric.


MM Mim

Are those curtains on your screen door.... upside down?? Hmmmmmmm!
Love the red in the room! Really brings it together! And love Christina's coasters as I told you on Sunday :)

TAG! your it! see today's post on my blog to see what i'm talking about:)

...and i love your mom's comment. so cute:)

Love the reds.

I have a great sewing machine cover pattern if you want it. Well, I think it's great....but haven't actually gotten around to making one yet :)


I have a whole new opinion of Lady Bugs. Who knew they were such gutter mouths.

I love the color scheme and the craft corner looks great. I think the curtains look great but I was thinking the same thing about adding some other fabric accents to break it up a bit if its bothering you.


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