Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

After a long absence

I am back. Let's be fair the multitudes of people who I am sure read my journal, with its brand-new-ness, boring posts, and sameness as every bother knitting blog out there, I was in RI (which is not a horrible place, even if it snows, and I find myself resenting the implication that I won't be able to resist SF and its charms and stay here...not that I don't like it here; it's great, but...well I've never liked being told what to do (unlike all those people who LOVE it)).

Anyway the Knottie Knitter blogrolled me. I don't know what that means, how to do it back, or even how to link to her name in my post. The only reason I know is because she told me in person. If you are out there, friend o' mine, please send instructions.

I am going to have some FOs to post soon, once I stop being lazy.

And I need all sorts of knitting related prayers (non-denominational, denominational, who cares) that I finish my two projects by February. More on those soon.

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