Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Alicia: do not read

Seriously, Leesh, don't scroll down unless you want to ruin the surprise.

You're not reading.

Are you?

OK, so for all of you who aren't my sister (which is the world's population minus one (onless one of the parents is not telling me something)), I finished the socks!

The cork did, as predicted by Jen, knit up really fast.

They require blocking. The pattern makes them slouchy, but I'm hoping I can convince them to be a little tighter.

I've decided that I am never doing socks without a pattern or stripes again. I had no difficulty making these match (I know the toes look off, but that's because I have freakishly small feet and the right one is folded a little).

I'm excited to begin my sockapalooza socks. I don't know how long I'm going to make them. I need to compare what I have with the suggested yardage.

I've been working very slowly on my top.

The top takes little concentration, but I can already tell I will not finish it soon; I like the way tops knit on smaller needles look, but I'm so impatient.

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