Friday, June 01, 2007 

I am so it

Cristina tagged me.

So, here it is. Some navel gazing (link posted for non-believers..ahem, Cristina and Jess).

Seven Completely Fascinating Things About Me

Rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I have an extra half lung lobe.
So the doctor showed me after a bronchitis x-ray. It didn't worry me until he said, "don't worry, it's not dangerous."

2. I sometimes make up words and sayings.
I swear I've heard them before: weird beard; any who will do; taking a chowder (I think this one might be Joe's).

3. I hate Classical music.
It just makes me so angry

4. I am very sensitive to noise.
Styrofoam, the vaccuum, loud...anything

5. I think my two best features are my eyes and my that four best features? Oh, wait, I forgot about my butt.
Like you never noticed

6. I have trouble remembering lyrics.
I get this from my Dad. Of course, I haven't gone as far as he has: "What Child is this who made Joe's list?"

7. I yell at Phil in my sleep.
Not on purpose. But sometimes he wakes me up. And sometimes he tries to make me promise I won't yell at him. The trouble is, I don't remember any of this. Do I believe him?

Tag, you select few are it

Jess (do you have a blog?)
Mim (email to me and I will post it)
Aunts (see above)

That's only six. Someone who has more friends, pass on one extra

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