Monday, February 13, 2006 

Olympic Style Knitting

I recently (as in this morning...I really need a job) recieved a request from Miss McSpazzitron to provide some detail of the scarf. Of course I will oblige.

The scarf has come along some. I spent some time yesterday at Huntington Park knitting. The weather called to me, and I sat and knit across from Grace Chapel.

I really like the little park, even if it is filled with the Nob Hill nobs. It provides views like this.

I knit for a few hours yesterday at the park, and a few hours at Cristina's on Saturday. I now have a scarf this long.

It's hard to get the right light in my apartment. Here's a fuzzy close-up of it with the light behind it (I know, entirely wrong).

I also stretched it out, as requested. It came out alright

until this happened

and I had to move it.

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