Monday, March 27, 2006 

All Sorts of Pals

The Secret Kind
OK, so everyone on the LJ Secret Pal page always mentions how their SP fixed a crappy day.

Well, mine did, too.

I had a crappy day on the icky low spot of the alleged totem pole (alleged because I read that the lower figures were actually the more powerful on traditional totem poles), and then I came home to a package.

Amazing. Let's start with the awesome stationary.

Look how cool it is. So me, and sort of modern art deco (if you can have such a thing). I LOVE stationary. And notes for lists. And it's just so pretty.

And candles. She sent a note with them saying they were from her best friend's company .

OK, Jasmine, my favorite scent ever (just refilled my stock with some roll-on scent this weekend), and lavender runs a close second. The fan is, according to her note, from an "Asian tradition of using wooden fans to spread the scent throughout the house."

Screw that, I'm taking a bath and snuggling in with a book. All the scent for me.

Last, and in no way to be construed as least.

RED YARN. What, what, what do I make? This yarn rocks my dubious casba. Socks? Is there enough for a shrug? I may die.

The Married Kind

Phil made chicken Marsala and bought red wine for dinner. He deserves well more than an honorable mention. How did I get a cutie pie who cooks? Was I some kind of saint in a former life? Do Catholic saints reincarnate?

The Family Kind

A shout out to the M.M. Mim and the Aunts (can you tell we like nick-names in the fam?). Your comments in the Darby post made my day.

The Baybins

Baybins is a term Phil uses for the cats.

I just love them, is all. Aren't they sweet tonight?

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