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Monday, March 27, 2006 

All Sorts of Pals

The Secret Kind
OK, so everyone on the LJ Secret Pal page always mentions how their SP fixed a crappy day.

Well, mine did, too.

I had a crappy day on the icky low spot of the alleged totem pole (alleged because I read that the lower figures were actually the more powerful on traditional totem poles), and then I came home to a package.

Amazing. Let's start with the awesome stationary.

Look how cool it is. So me, and sort of modern art deco (if you can have such a thing). I LOVE stationary. And notes for lists. And it's just so pretty.

And candles. She sent a note with them saying they were from her best friend's company .

OK, Jasmine, my favorite scent ever (just refilled my stock with some roll-on scent this weekend), and lavender runs a close second. The fan is, according to her note, from an "Asian tradition of using wooden fans to spread the scent throughout the house."

Screw that, I'm taking a bath and snuggling in with a book. All the scent for me.

Last, and in no way to be construed as least.

RED YARN. What, what, what do I make? This yarn rocks my dubious casba. Socks? Is there enough for a shrug? I may die.

The Married Kind

Phil made chicken Marsala and bought red wine for dinner. He deserves well more than an honorable mention. How did I get a cutie pie who cooks? Was I some kind of saint in a former life? Do Catholic saints reincarnate?

The Family Kind

A shout out to the M.M. Mim and the Aunts (can you tell we like nick-names in the fam?). Your comments in the Darby post made my day.

The Baybins

Baybins is a term Phil uses for the cats.

I just love them, is all. Aren't they sweet tonight?

Hi there! I am so glad to hear that I could cheer you up and that you liked the gifts. :)

so glad to hear you've been so delightfully spoiled! yay for pals :)

Hi Beth
I didn't know you liked Jasmine too! It's my favorite and what I wear most of the time. As a matter of fact I just got a postcard to replenish my stash. Do you have Aveda there? They sell makeup, shampoo, etc that is made from plant extracts. If you sign up for there mailing list one of the things they send you every year on your birthday is a postcard to get a free atomizer and perfume. The first time I went in they blindfolded me and made me smell a bunch of scents to see what I liked (and yes it is odd being blindfolded in the middle of the mall). Ever since that first time I don't even sniff - it's Jasmine and Rose.

Have a great weekend.


sorry to hear about your crappy day....happy to hear about the awesome surprises! secret pals are so much fun....yes...lets kick it this weekend!

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