Saturday, January 21, 2006 

I swear she has arms

Not that I have something against armless people or anything, but she really does have arms.

Despite Kristin's armlessness, here is a good picture of the Beth Original I scared up for her for her birthday, then Christmas when time ran out, then her second Christmas present because she liked it anyway even though I thought she wouldn't.

The arms are 3/4 sleeves and it is off the shoulder...which means it would theoretically look more normal with a tank top or strapless bra...but it is (or should be since it is 50 degrees I hear) cold in Boston.

Jen wants a Harry Potter scarf, something that almost every knitter but me (of a certain age) has made by now. Once I figure out the side doo-hickey thinger, I will make a list of projects on the needles, and those in the queue.

I just noticed she and Jen are standing in the same pose. Weird beard.

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