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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

I swear she has arms

Not that I have something against armless people or anything, but she really does have arms.

Despite Kristin's armlessness, here is a good picture of the Beth Original I scared up for her for her birthday, then Christmas when time ran out, then her second Christmas present because she liked it anyway even though I thought she wouldn't.

The arms are 3/4 sleeves and it is off the shoulder...which means it would theoretically look more normal with a tank top or strapless bra...but it is (or should be since it is 50 degrees I hear) cold in Boston.

Jen wants a Harry Potter scarf, something that almost every knitter but me (of a certain age) has made by now. Once I figure out the side doo-hickey thinger, I will make a list of projects on the needles, and those in the queue.

I just noticed she and Jen are standing in the same pose. Weird beard.

totally cute! i didn't realize that you had added that green to the neck area....very cool!

A note on decoupage ideas...you can do tissue paper...totally...you can also do fabric...i'm doing oragami paper. you can also find a cool wrapping paper with an interesting design and decoupage peices of that to the bucket!! i'm acutally going to the fabirc store today...wanna come???

Just to clarify, the green is her T-shirt.

so i guess i'm werid too for already having read your message...checked the olympics page...and am writing you now...so...yay!! we made the cut!

thanks again for hanging out!

hey...me again...here is that apron KAL i told you about today at the fabric store...so cool!!


me again....i'm starting to feel like a stalker...just wanted to let you know that they have a "branching out" KAL:


Best regards from NY!
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