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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Does your yarn hang low?

Mine does! Phil finally put up my hanging yarn stash-something I've been dreaming about for around six months. With the exception of the bottom rack, all the yarn in the baskets is scrap (but with plans). The bottom is yarn (some of it) for a blanket I am making for Chris and Emily's wedding.

The yellow box in the back has my needles and doo-dads. I am planning on making a needle case soon. I am supposed to wait for our crafting night, but I don't think I can. It actually makes sense for me to try out the pattern first, anyway (which I realize is something of an excuse, but it still makes sense).

The rest of the pics includes the red yarn for a sweater I am actually going to make for ME (soccer mom sweater from Yarn Girl's Guide to Beyond the Basics), the green yarn for Phil's sweater (also from Yarn Girls, but from the first book and adapted). The brown yarn is more for the blanket.

I know Kristina's stash is next to her bed, Cristina's is in various baskets, and Beth's is in a basket. If anyone has ideas about how to stash the rest of my yarn, I'm open. Cristina is talking buckets for our first craft night, and that might be a good place for some stash...

Very impressive. Have the kitties jumped for it yet?

Soon I may send you a picture of the back of an LK 150 top.

M.M. Mim

Finally!!! yay! looks cool and so functional too....but will you be able to reach your yarn? yarn should never be out of reach...thats just no good.
kudos to phil for marking something off the honey-do list!

hey beth,

great site! i have a suggestion for storing yarn. my friend chelsea is a big knitter (crochet, actually) and she has a TON of yarn. she has all these wooden crates turned sideways and lined up against one wall and stacked on top of each other. i'm not sure where she got the wooden crates, but you could certainly improvise with milk crates or something like that...it really holds a lot and doesn't take up too much space.


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