Sunday, March 04, 2007 

Spring Fling

In case you thought I was a craft ho, I would like to show you how faithful I am to my knitting.

After the last blocking disaster, I decided to make a sweater that was quick, attractive, and had seams. So, I give you, in its smug attractiveness...

Spring Fling

The sweater comes from the Knitty pattern, Spring Fling. I used Rowan Wool-Cotton in color 944.

I loved making this lace. It was very easy, and it looks normal, not too lacey. I knit it a size smaller than I needed, for fear of blocking. It fits now, without having wet it thoroughly (just spraying and towel-ironing).

I also made some nice seams. They usually destroy my lovely knitting, but I am quite proud of these.

Instead of a hook and eye, I made a tie. The hook and eye was hard to sew on this yarn and pulled it out of shape. I think I'll add a ribbon when I get to the store instead of the yarn.

If there were to be a next time, I would make a border along the neckline. It's kind of scrunchy. Overall, though, it is a nice sweater and was very fast and fun.

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