Saturday, August 12, 2006 

Guilt is an Amazing Motivator-Now with Pictures!

Hemming, but no hawing

I did use Dacia Ray's hemming method (thanks for the comments, Dacia). It created

This method worked really well. I think it would have been better if I didn't have to take an astounding 4 inches up on the hem of these pants (hey, they were $10 at the Levi sale). I also ended up doing four stitches evenly around the inside to keep the inside bit up. A more experienced seamstress would have made a neater line.

Wedded Bliss
I love seeing where people are from. Going to England for Chris and Emily's wedding was awesome because meeting Em's family and seeing where she grew up gave me a lot of insight. It was also the best vacation we have ever had. Ever.

To give you an idea of how beautiful it all was, take a look at the church.

and the exit from said church

It was just beautiful.

After the wedding was the awesome and thorough reception. The best part, the dancing.

They had a traditional barn dance with a caller and it was amazing. I'm terrible at following instructions and I'm certain I annoyed many English people along the way, but I was having too much fun to really notice. All I remember is one guy (don't know who) saying "no, to the left first."

We stayed in this beautiful cottage with the other Americans. It led to fun nights.

There may have been beer involved. Reports are sketchy.

In some ways, one of the best nights was the night after the wedding when we went to Morgan St. (their place in London) and ate take out and watched TV with Em and her best friend Helen.

It's a mark of how awesome my Aunt is that she remembered that I loved Debbie Bliss Wool/cotton and that it was discontinued. Apparently she visited her LYS to find what she could. It worked. I now have

Deep breaths. My hands are absolutely itching to get at this yarn. I just haven't found the right project yet.

It's All in the Model

I've been working on my apron. I need to do the gathers and attach the top and ties, and that's it. What I have now looks something like

I swear he's straight.


What to Knit Next (Once What I've Not Knit is Knit)

I was browsing Knitty this morning while Phil slept on the couch (his version of "getting up").

I think I'd like to make Carpathia with the lace yarn my secret pal gave me.

While I was browsing I saw

This picture makes me so very homesick. It was taken in Vermont and that stone wall is enough to send me into a froth of longing (if such a thing exists).

Speaking of home HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (yesterday) to my beloved parents. 32 years of bliss mixed in with some more difficult ones where the three of us were teenagers and just horrible. But look at how awesome we turned out.

They called me on the way to their cape cod getaway weekend and in the five minutes we spoke, Mim reminded me I promised pictures, and then made me feel guilty about not having posted them. I'll be good; I promise.

On a purely side note, I miss going to Chicks with Sticks. I plan to go once I get a real job.

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