Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Celebrating the Bastille

Stolen from Jen's blog.

After typing my birthday in Wikipedia I have discovered.


1789 - French Revolution: Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille and free seven prisoners.

1902 - The Campanile in St Mark's Square, Venice collapses, also demolishing the loggetta.

1967 - Eddie Mathews becomes the seventh member of the 500 home run club with a home run at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.


1671 - Jacques D'Allonville, French astronomer and mathematician (d. 1732)
1721 - John Douglas, Scottish Anglican bishop and man of letters (d. 1807)
1988 - James Vaughan, English footballer


1780 - Charles Batteux, French philosopher (b. 1713)
1881 - Billy the Kid, American outlaw (b. 1860)
1998 - Dick McDonald, American fast food entrepreneur (b. 1909)

There was a disproportionate amount of French people and events. Bastille Day is one I knew of, but apparently my birthday relates to many things French.

I want to be a "woman of letters." How does one do that?

I have no idea who James Vaughan is, I'm just amazed that someone born in 1988 can be famous.

Did you folks know McDonald's first name was Dick, I'm certain there's an extremely tasteless joke in their somewhere, but I have to go to work.

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