Saturday, December 02, 2006 

A Spot of Sewing

You can spot a very hip and lively 20-something by what she does on Saturday night.

Tonight, I made a tea cozy.

I used the patterns and dimensions found here for my only (and well-loved) teapot.

This teapot was a gift from one of my uncles and his family and I don't know if they know how much I use it. Tonight, I gave it a little TLC by making it the cozy.

I altered the pattern very slightly because I wanted it to be reversible.

Side A

Side B

Side B is a little funky because a) I am just not that good yet and b) I messed up on the handle, which I was going to make the same way as the other side and realized after I sewed it all together it was on the wrong side.

Overall, I thought the pattern was good. I only have two complaints. The first is my fault: I bought batting that simply did not fit. I thought it was about 1/2 the width it really was and only realized my error as I attempted to pull it apart (I thought it was folded). It looks OK, but was hard to work.

I would change the dimensions of the pattern and add about and inch of width and decrease maybe the same on the top. I followed the formula she gives, but still came out with something too tall and not quite wide enough. It's very snug around.

But I'd like to make more now that I know what to change and what to keep; it took me only two hours total.

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