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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

Il Giorno di San Giuseppe

Although any Italian Catholics, or Italian-American Catholics, or half Italian-American, half Irish-American knitters from Catholic families, have probably celebrated St. Joseph's day before, many of you have not.

Should you wish to celebrate St. Joseph's Day, do the following:

1) Call all the Josephs in your family (my count is three) and wish them a happy St. Joseph's Day.

2) Eat zeppole.

There are a lot of American versions of zeppole. I have it on good authority (an Italian (as in from Italy) girl with whom my brother (Joseph, in fact) works) that the Rhode Island version is the authentic one (I always knew we were a smart bunch).

Since I am now on the west coast, and so far away from Crugnale's Bakery, I have to make my own. I struggled last year to find a good recipe, and again a little this year. I now have the perfect recipe combination to make them taste just like home.

use the pastry from this recipe (scroll down)

use the filling from this recipe

Now if only I could find a good recipe for bakery pizza

those are sooooo beautiful! and look delicious too! i'm sorry i missed out:(

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