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Saturday, September 30, 2006 


A while ago I finished Soleil, but I've been waiting to post pictures because I think I am going to add sleeves.

You see, while the lovely woman in the picture makes the top look like a tank top, I make it look like a 70's style sweater vest.

Not attractive.

So, I decided to add sleeves. Short cap sleeves to keep the lightwieght feel of the garment, but sleeves nontheless.

Should I crochet or knit them? Any suggestions on what to do slash what not to do?

Oooh... pretty!

I like it. Even if it does look like a sweater vest. :) I like sweater vests.

Very lovely.

Can you pick up cap-sleeve stitches and reproduce the lace from the bottom?

MM Mim

it looks awesome. i agree w/ your mom on the lace pattern. what if you do long bell sleeves w/ the end having the lace pattern. because we all know how much you love bell sleeves:)
plus it would look awesome.

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