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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

I'm a bad blogger

But my camera is broken in a truly annoying way. I can take THREE pictures on a new set of batteries, and then they die. This weekend I am going nuts on my socks, and that will be worth two batteries.

For now, enjoy the pictures my mim sent me. This yarn was all purchased for $25 in Central Falls, RI. The birdhouse, she assures me, is for perspective.

What are the vitals on these cones, Mim?

You buy these by the pound.

For example, one project required 17.7 oz. and 1700 yard (approx. sport wt or dk)

Peter (of Peter Patchis, the store) pointed out the gauge to me and when I had picked colors he put the cones on the scale to make sure I had enough. Then he charged me 4-6 dollars a pound depending on the type of yarn et voila, 2 bags of yarn for $23.

Then, I arrive home and act like I have a new, cheap, drug dealer. Oh,yeah, I do.

I forgot to sign.

M M Mim

PS, I think there is something wrong with your camera but in the meantime you could try a charger. I've been using a charger (Mimh or something like it, not cadium) and it charges in just a few hours.
I really like it and am switching all annoying battery hogs over.

holy crap! either that's a really small birdhouse, or that's a buttload of yarn! score...

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