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Saturday, November 18, 2006 

Because I'm Sick

And because I'm the kind of house-ridden, become-exhausted-easily sick that does not allow for many activities, I have been thinking of crafts (and internetting for crafts as well).

I have found a tea cozy pattern I wish to try. It is perfect because

1) it seems quite simple and I am not yet very experienced with the machine they call sewing

2) I have a stash of fabric I am dying to use (a very nice present from someone very knottie).

Please excuse the (even more than usual) terrible picture of my little crafting corner. I have something furry and immovable on my lap.

But that fabric is calling to me. It burns the proverbial hole, ya know?

3) I like tea.

I have been thinking about knitting a lot. Not (only) in the "I am planning items I have no time to make since I work and have three projects on the needles" way, but also in the historical sense.

Perhaps it is because I am a devoted reader of the Harlot and she has been posting muchly about the history of socks.

I sometimes envy the women who "had" to knit as part of their daily routine. But then I think, did they hate it because of that? I'm sure some of them must have or everyone would be a knitter. And those who loved it, was it difficult to have their craft treated as commonplace? I imagine hubbies and relatives would be much less understanding if, every day, the knitter in question attacked with a sock and a demand to admire her perfect gusset. Anyway, there wasn't any KnitPicks. I think I don't envy them. But sometimes on the way to work (even though I like my job), I do a little.


For Christmas I asked for a loom. After much research I have decided on one.

Behold, the Kromski Harp.

Needless to say, I am shaking with anticipation. Or maybe that's the chills from the fever...

yes and yes. i want to do both with you include drinking tea....cozies & looming.

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