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Saturday, November 25, 2006 

Guest Blogger

Well, the turkey is eaten, the pies are almost gone. So, the minds of all great American hobbyists turn to..........

oops, I mean

Your guest host and Bethro made the rounds of our favorite knit and sew spots.

Here are some sample of Bethro's finds.

Filatura di Crossa 127 print for hats.

Fabric purchases were also made. Finished products will be displayed at a later date.

To continue with the "I want to be just like my daughter" theme here is the 2nd apron:

Note the martini fabric and the never-been-used-in-30-years cam stitch.

Hope you enjoyed our family festivities.

MM Mim and Freda

what a perfect ending to a great trip home!! Beth, how fun to see your life through Mim's eyes....ooh and is that LLadro I see in the background of the last picture?

Belated, but,
Happy Thanksgiving.
I think me and you Mum...ummmmmm... both like cats !!!

Hmmm....is it clear that any excuse to show off our babies will do?

Yes, that is LLadro, a lawyer from
Spain if I'm correct. What you can't see from the picture is that a bad kitty, not Freda, knocked it over and it is just balanced on the 3 broken pieces of the base because we haven't had the heart to chuck it.

MM Mim

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