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Friday, December 29, 2006 

Serging Ahead

Hello and Merry Holidays.

Most of us in the craft-o-sphere got new toys for our various celebratory days, I'll bet. As we all know, I have the new loom.

For example, the trusty M.M. Mim has a new Euro-Pro Serger.

Complicated, no?

Well, the Mimbly remained undaunted by all of the fancy spools and knobs. Once she had the machine up and running, nothing could be done but to try it out. Luckily, your favorite Bethro and mine (me), had a pair of gloves that she received for Christmas. Very nice gloves, but with some fuzz at the bottom that clashed with her fuzzy red winter coat. So!

Mim began.

Please note that Mim and Bethro have the same two hobbies: the fiber arts and beer.

Before trying the serger out on the gloves, Mim discovered that the chain stitch was essential to keeping the machine going.

And now, the gloves do not clash. They also make excellent puppets...in an avant-garde sort of way.

Or perhaps I am just taking unfortunate dancing lessons from Michael Jackson.

fiber arts & beer - my kinda woman!

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