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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

I Can Sleep Through Fire Engine Noises

It's true, because of where I live, I can sleep through fire engines and police cars.

This, among other reasons, is why it is SO amazing that the last three hours of yelling, guitars, stomping (why stomping?), and other party noises coming from upstairs is keeping me awake.

A few of you (or perhaps everyone I have ever met) has heard the saga of the upstairs neighbors. How Phil politely asked them more than once to keep the noise down because it is three AM and most people have to work in about three hours. How, after one final (and third...or maybe fourth) conversation Phil was so frustrated that he complained to the company that runs the apartment right before Christmas (we have quiet hours 10PM-9AM). And, how for one blessed month it has been quiet.

Then, this last Wednesday (yes, that's the night before Phil's GRC), they played their guitars (poorly) at full blast (I swear they face their amps down to the floor above our bedroom and then strum with wooden spoons) until about 2 AM (actually an early night for them).

Now it is somewhere between Friday and Saturday and I swear they must be charging cover. There are actually people drunkenly singing to songs I certainly can't hear loudly enough to make Toby look at the ceiling and ask "mrrroooowww?"

After about thirty minutes of non-sleep I mentioned to Phil that I could not believe no one else had complained about them as well. Turns out, the last time Phil went up there, one of the drunken college boys (desperately in need of guitar lessons...or perhaps a different instrument like the triangle) told Phil that he, college boy, knew that he, Phil, had already complained about him. Of course Phil hadn't yet, so I am left to conclude others find these folks just as awful.

If we aren't the only ones, why are they still here and partying?

Did I mention we are supposed to have quiet hours?

ANNOYING!!! actually, beyong that....waaaaay beyond that. so rude. have you guys tried talking to the other tenents??? a united force might help. the threat of 95% of the building moving out would have to force the management to do something.

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