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Sunday, February 04, 2007 

It's a Sweater!

That title's a little shout-out to the mim.

But it IS a sweater.


So the blocking worked OK. And by blocking I mean various times in the washer and dryer and driving Phil (and probably Cristina who I was out with at the time) crazy by calling to check up on it. Phil tried so hard to be diplomatic ("well it's not huge exactly...).

Anyway. Now it is the right length and a little loose (especially around the neck), but it will do with a pair of jeans.

I ended up modifying the back and k2togging a few times which worked well enough.

Enjoy the view of the butt on me.

Now it looks just like the one on the model....

right? (I probably shouldn't put those together)

Pattern 257 by Knitting Pure and Simple

Yarn - Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton (courtesy of Aunts)

Knitting by the great Bethro. (ego provided gratis)

I hope that model doesn't read your blog because the beauty of you and your sweater (as compared to her face and her sweater)might make her kill herself with a knitting needle.

MM Mim

A sweater? It certainly is.

did you consider mixing your sewing prowess with your knitting skillz and perhaps take it in and cut the excess seam out?

its the perfect "northern cal in the summer" sweater.
p.s. no, you didnt drive me crazy, although i did have to chuckle at phil's diplomacy.

Oooh. Pretty.

I think it looks great.

Glad you put the yarn to good use.


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