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Sunday, January 29, 2006 


Yesterday I proctored for about seven hours (best job ever!) and made some progress on Phil's sweater.

As you can see, I have the back and about 1/2 the front done.

Let me emphasize; Phil's birthday is on Thursday.

I asked Phil if he thought the cable was too girly. He said not girly, but it looks like Link should wear it.

Oh well, he only has to wear it in the house for me to be happy.

hey! its looking good! are we going to chicks w/ sticks tomorrow? i'm trying to finish up my red-hot-socks before the olympics start. btw i liked your idea of getting a bunch together for the opening day!
also...i figured out a way to add links to the sidebar w/o having to save to shutterfly or whatever. post the picture in a "post" then just use that source code from the post and add the IMG to your code for the side bar!

i have to tell my sister about that shoe blog link you have...she's a total shoe whore!

i'm a loser:( i didn't end up going last night. not because i didnt have intentions on doing so...but because i COMPLETELY passed out after we typed to each other....hows the sweater coming?

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