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Monday, January 23, 2006 

"Second Post of the Day" or "Perhaps I need a Job"

I've finished hemming the tablecloth. The ladies look like bugs or possibly tortilla chips from far away, one of the attractions of the material to my mind.

It is sitting on the ironing board, which doubles as my sewing table because I have a small, portable sewing machine.

The new tablecloth is replacing (some weeks) this:

I asked Phil if he was upset that I picked out new material for the kitchen. He said "a little, because now it won't always be Halloween in the kitchen." As you can see, we don't use tablecloths for the traditional purposes, partly because we don't have a table. Instead, we use them to cover up the old office style desk that acts as an extra kitchen surface.

The scarf I was making from scraps is done. I thought it came out nice; it used a lot of really nice yarn so it's all textury.

Hmm, you didn't wear your newly finished scrappy scarf to Chicks with Sticks tonight. Would have loved to have seen it tonight. At any rate, it was nice to meet you, and thanks so much for directing me home!

heeeeey thats that sewing machine you were talking about?? i didn't know that those can make stuff like that! i got one of those for christmas a couple of years ago and have been too scared to open it...oooh...i am soooo tricking you into teaching me how to use that sucka!!

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