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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Knitty's Urban Rustic Gloves

I have some great (inherited from mom) Noro Kureyon in black/grey. I've been wanting to make the Urban Rustic Gloves from Knitty.

I did a gauge swatch and was very happy that it was perfect, by stitches and rows.

So why does my first glove look like an alien?

I messed up a little on the short rows (did not anchor the yo properly), but even now that I get my mistake, I'm not sure it makes up for it. Has anyone done them and can provide guidance?

alien gloves...awesome!! i want to see pictures!!

Hmm, can't help you there, but I'm starting handwarmers for myself, so anything you find out about gussets for thumbs (I assume that's why you're increasing, right?) would be helpful.

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