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Saturday, May 27, 2006 

In which I provide many pictures and witty remarks

Driven to deep guilt over Cristina's post that references my serious lack of posting, I now take up my camera once again to show you what I have been doing these past few weeks.

Bags 'R' Me
First, the bag. It has been finished for sometime, and even traveled to Rhode Island with me as my project bag.

This pretty little number survived four (yes, four) airports.

It was hard to get a good picture because hubby was in bed when I went on my guilt-ridden picture taking frenzy. I am very glad the materials matched as well as I thought they would. The last bit was a bit tricky (sewing on the lining when both it and the outside were in circle form), but look at these results, people.

Look at that expert craftsmanship.

It's What's Inside that Counts

Inside my beautiful and expertly-sewn project bag lies a sock. Yes, just one.

The tragedy of my one-sock-ed state stems from the depressing fact that this sock, and it's uncreated partner, have been intended for my MIL's birthday, which is today. Oh well, I'm certainly not the first knitter to be late on a present.

Speaking of which, I have called it quits on the wedding blanket. It wasn't coming out the way I wanted and it's too late for a new project. I'm keeping it assembled for now in case I decide to keep working on it. Otherwise, stash.

A Girl's Best Friend
During my trip to my native land, Mim and I visited Lorraine Mills. If ever in Rhode Island, a trip to this store is in order. I didn't have my camera with me, but trust me, it's worth it.

After the bag, my sewing instructor informed me that I should really get a pattern to learn the basics of cutting them and etc. (well, she didn't say etc.). With this goal in mind, I selected a great apron pattern. I intend to make both of the right hand aprons.

If the patterns hadn't been 50% off, it would have been foolish of me to purchase them. However, that is the beauty of this store, which is good, because I really wanted it and probably would have paid anyway.

After the pattern selection, Mim and I trekked up the stairs to the top floor which has all fabric for $1.99/yd. I selected


along with some tools. Any thoughts on which material should go with which apron? Mim and I came to a decision, but I think other opinions might be helpful.

Mim bought me a "happy new sewing machine" present of

As if the new sewing machine wasn't enough. I'm saving this for when I get a little better and want to tackle something harder.

Long weekend=knitting and sewing.

Thank you!!! Sorry for imposing so much guilt...I can't help it, I'm baptized catholic. The bag looks amazing!! Not, I will guilt you into showing it to me in person:) By the way...crazy coincidence....I have that apron pattern! It was the first pattern I bought after my class...lets make one together!

The green/blue fabric with the bottom pattern, the other one with the top. Or so I vote.
But in all honesty, either would be cute with either!

I LOVE the bag, by the way.

I'm also voting for the green fabric with the half apron pattern and the white with red accents for the full apron.

Don't know why, it just came to me that way.

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