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Sunday, April 23, 2006 

Final Secret Pal Project

I sincerely believe having a camera to show off my projects results in more work. After posting all the socks, I got to work on my last secret pal project.

Every package I sent my sp had something handmade in it. I was seriously alarmed when I discovered she keeps her yarn and knitting supplies in plastic bags; every knitter must accessorize! So her first package included a decoupaged bucket (in addition to some yarn and a CD). In her second package, as a result of her desire to learn to crochet, I made her a beginner's crochet kit, complete with a homemade instruction book (the camera still worked then).
Now, to wrap things up, I made her a simple bag, based on Whip-Up's post about activity bags.

San Francisco has a depressing lack of (reasonably priced) fabric stores. So, armed with another Whip-Up idea I went thrifting for fabric. Really, being a very beginner level seamstress who has a tiny machine and only self-taught skills, I don't want to use super expensive fabric, anyway.

I didn't find any fabric, or even sheets that would work, but I did find this baby blanket in colors my sp loves. Now she has a knitting bag! According to hubby, it can also be a hat.

I knitted a pocket for it, to remove any diaper-bag feelings I predicted

This is why we have stash.

Overall it came out OK. I tend to be pretty insecure about my sewing skills. As soon as I have a real machine, I am taking lessons.

i'm diggin the bag! i like it a lot and your knitted pocket is a unique touch. bring it tonight, if you havent mailed it yet.

I remember when you thought sewing machines were of the devil.

Alicia loves the socks and was very impressed.

MM Mim

I love the bag!!!

Eek! I feel so lame for not sending you hand made stuff. Your last package is being mailed out on Monday. I'm so sad this round is over. *sniff*

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