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Saturday, April 22, 2006 

Sock heaven

Hello sock lovers. Through the magic of a camera that works, I, with the help of my assistant, will show you the wonderful world of Beth-made socks.

The lovely Phil is modeling the sockapalooza socks. He shows us that these socks are good for the house, or for digging clams.

The casual man about town also enjoys the sockapalooza socks while lounging on the couch.

Phil shows off his socks' easy and functional afterthought heels. Phil suggests you try some afterthought heels, today!

If you read the pattern, you'll remember I took away the ribbing in it. With this yarn it stretched out and looked ladder-y. Overall, I'm reasonably happy with these socks.

But not as happy as I am with....

The toe-up socks!

Here, you see Phil demonstrating that even one sock makes the man look well-dressed and successful.

Phil loves his short-row heels.

Even the wee-footed Beth can wear the socks if only the toe has been made.

That's all for today, friends. Be sure to stay tuned for more pictures from the amazing camera that works.

Very nice socks! I like the short row heel on Phil's socks, and I forget, what yarn are you using for Phil's well dressed man socks?

Lovely socks (and modeling).



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