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Sunday, April 16, 2006 

Are The Socks Big In Here...

Or is it just me?

But seriously folks, I think I have some kind of sock knitting disorder. I knit a swatch for gauge. I follow the pattern, and yet, most patterns give me socks that the jolly green giant would save until he grew up.

First example-The simply stockinette socks from Knit Socks. I had to make what they labeled the "woman's size" to make them small enough for a man. I thought, OK, mild flaw in the book. After all, I made the "Shadow Box Socks," and those were perfect.

Second example-Last night I began These Socks, because, as I have mentioned before, I wish to learn the no-sew toe and to use short rows for heels.

So the pattern says heavy dk or light worsted. I can accept that; despite the supposed weight system, yarns differ. So what did I do? Well, since you asked, I made a gauge swatch. I also used size three needles because a) I have them and b) that is what I used for worsted with the simply stockinette. The gauge swatch was perfect; I began the toe, little suspecting the horror that lay in wait.

I totally killed the toe-up part. I mean, aced it right away. Feeling pardonably proud of myself, I changed to my MC and began the foot. And then, a few rounds later, I did the thing that every first-time toe-up knitter has done. I put them on my toes.

Now, my toes are petite. My feet are a size 6-1/2, but still, this sock looked suspiciously large.

"Give me your foot," I ordered the unsuspecting hubby. Of course, he obeyed-I mean, obliged.

Little symbols group suspiciously in four letters came out of my mouth. Some examples: "*$@#," and "%&!@."

The toe and foot were gigantic. I could have fit two feet inside. So I ripped (but I saved the toe part for a hat for Pan... she looks fantastic in it). Now, after some soothing no-muss, no-fuss blanket knitting last night, I will begin again, this time making the toe for a much smaller foot by the pattern, but still intending the sock for dad.

My question is not rhetorical; is it just me?

Sorry, I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune, but your post cracked me up, especially the part about turning the toe into a hat. I don't know enough about knitting socks yet to be helpful, but I wish you good luck.

Nope it's not you and I don't ever even make gauge swatches anymore - I think that just adds to the cruelty and doesn't ever seem to increase sock success. Cursing like a sailor does always help though ;)

Sorry to hear about your sock toe misfortune. once you get it all figured out, I think you'll like toe up socks. You're supposed to be ablre to try them on as you go which definitely helps get it to fit right.

Sorry I don't have any better advice... Your plan sounds like it'll work just fine though.

No, it's not just you ;-)
I use 14 stitches/needle for socks for me and I keep getting comments on how small my feet must be, but they're totally normal size 37/38 (german shoe sizes) feet. On top of that: I knit really tight, so that ought to give me really tiny socks, but it doesn't. They're just fine for my feet. :-)

Excellent, love it!
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