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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Non-knitters just don't get it

"Why," one recently asked me, "would you spend 8 hours on Sunday knitting a sock when you could just buy them?"

Piffle, followed closely by pish (and maybe with a tosh thrown in for good measure).

Anyway, the point is, I completed one of the toe-up, short-row-heeled socks.

On Easter Sunday, to celebrate the holiest of holidays, I sat my rotund (yet sexy) bottom on the couch next to hubby's flat boy-butt, and knit while he watched his cartoons for about the eight millionth time.

It was SO fun. I used the figure eight cast-on and just a basic wrap and turn short row. The next one goes on the needles this week AND I'll be buying a new camera courtesy of the government (or rather, what they are giving us back). Hopefully, pictures will follow.

And I want to say we are getting such a GREAT response about Betty Crafter.

haha, so true..
though, so far I have not recieved any such comments.. but when I was knitting at work (receptionist after hours, so it gets pretty quiet) one of the residents was like "that looks really good. i had to learn how to do that and i hated it. HATED IT," and I just smiled and nodded :|

the betty crafter thing sounds interesting!! I'm waiting until finals are done to decide if I want to participate... not that I don't already have 50 million dessert recipes (only thing I'm really good at making...), but it sounds like fun :)

i want to see how the toe-up turned out. screw those you-should-just-buy-them bastards. "It's a knitters thang you just wouldn't understand" is my general response.

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