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Saturday, May 06, 2006 

Secret Pals and So On

My final secret pal package arrived!

As you can see, it was chock full of goodies. First up, we have the cookbooks. There are two reasons these are a great surprise. First, my sp mentioned how she went to culinary school and she's been reading recipes here. I love that personal touch. Also, my mom-and sister-in-law always buy these little grocery store books. It's sort of a family joke with them, so it is highly appropriate. And I should mention, cooking with beer? Perfect!

She sent bath salts, scents, and other bath-related items. I'm a big fan of baths. The little photo album and address book (which I really need. Supposedly "grown ups" keep these things) are adorable, and Phil claims he won on the tic-tac-toe board. Whatever, we all know that's a lie.

She put in presents for my kitties (not shown: already under furniture somewhere after serious attack of Pan). How sweet and thoughtful.

But all of this, though awesome, is nothing compared to

You folks know you saw this first in the picture. Lace weight yarn. I'm thinking, maybe, Branching Out. I'm glad I have the new camera so you can see even a portion of how awesome this yarn is. Thanks, Becca. The best part about these gifts is how much thought you put into them. Oh, and the yarn.

Phil and I did some errand running/movie going/ chemming (I put liquid nitrogen in the dewars. You can bet I felt cool (no pun intended)), and stopped by Jo-Ann fabrics so I could get some supplies for when my sewing machine arrives (MONDAY!).

The red is for the outside, and the print I just couldn't pass up for lining. I'm going to make a basic bag after Cristina and I trade sewing and crochet lessons.

Finally, I uploaded the pictures and found this on the camera.

Am I always going to get a surprise with this camera?

Yayyy! I am so glad you liked everything. :)

I got myself a couple of hanks of the same yarn to make Branching Out. :)

you're right...that yarn is scrumptious!

We need to talk about thread.

MM Mim

The bag sounds cute. I like the print-on-the-inside idea. I really need to learn to sew one of these days...

I think your cats have learned how to use the camera. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

hey!! your mom might be interested in Web's super big annual tent sale....may 20th....www.yarn.com

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