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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Bunnies, and Blue Jays, and Deer...Oh My

Our first West Coast camping trip was this weekend. I did begin my second sock, but I didn't take pictures of it. I did get many pictures from Salt Point State Park.

Our campsite was overrun with blue jays. They had no fear of us...but we began to fear them.

They just kept coming until we were surrounded. We had hummingbirds and woodpeckers, too, but didn't get pictures.

Every morning, this bunny ate his breakfast with us. Of course, he had grass and we had coffee and tea, but the camaraderie was there, I think.

The morning we left, we saw these guys.

Need I say more?

The Coast
We hiked here

to get here.

We also took a quick trip to Stump Beach to see the sandy beach.

Not exactly a swimming beach, though.

It was awesome, cave and all.

Random Picture

As always, I'd like to finish with a random picture Phil took some time ago, that I uploaded with these. This time, it is of me and not Pan.

Have you ever seen such an odd face?

Looks like a very pretty beach. I get a little bit creeped out when it comes to having meals with other critters around. Did any of them try to steal your food?

Oooh. Pretty.

I want a bluejay. Can I have one?

Nice pictures Beth. I looks like a beutiful place. I saw deer in NH this weekend too. Also heard the loons, amazing sound they make.

those deer are beautiful.
what campsite did you say that you stayed at?
Did you get my message about your trip to England?

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