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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Updates and Confessions


Valentine's day was wonderful. The menu went well, with the exception of the mussels . The mussels were bad. I checked them as usual, but they were bad. There was no question of it once they cooked. Blech.

But, not having a table, I set up a romantic picnic on the floor.

We also don't have a nice blanket. Phil came home with a yellow rose (my favorite).

We had decided to not do presents. He's good at this whole marriage thing and bought me the flower anyway.


I haven't done any olympic knitting in three days. Instead, I started working on my sweater. This is so not in the spirit of the olympics, since sweaters are something I do fairly often, but there it is.

I finished the body.

And started the sleeves when I ran out of yarn. Allow me to repeat.

I ran out of yarn. Insert curse words here.

Now I have sleeves that are almost done, but not quite.

Please excuse the Tobes. She is in pain the you-know-what mode today.

Basically, I have a bulky red vest and short sleeves. Wicked sexy.

ugh. Sorry about the mussels and the lack of yarn. Any chance you could find the same dye lot still?

But I have to say, wow! You knit fast if you've gotten that far in 3 days! Good for you!

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