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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Pictures, Pictures, Everywhere

I know that blogs, especially knitting blogs, exist for pictures (and I know this because that is why I read knitting blogs, and since reality is subjective, well, you know the rest).

First, The Knottie Knitter asked for pics of the alien glove.

As you can see, except for the parts where the yo makes a hole, it looks fine on my hand. I decided it was normal for it to look like an alien off the hand, but I can't for the life of me get those holes to stop. I even posted to the knitty coffeeshop and I haven't heard anything yet. They are fun to make. Once I figure it out, I'm all about these gloves.

I made a few hats on Monday because I was waiting for the olympics and I had nothing to knit. This was before I realized I had given myself an injury while making Phil's sweater. I was going to make one for me and one for Phil, but they both came out so girly, I decided that wouldn't work.

These are made from Plymouth Yukon Print in beige (2002). I still have two skeins left. Ummmm...does anyone need a hat?

Finally, here is my cast on for the knitting olympics. I am using the Travelling Vine pattern from Knit Scarves , one of Jen's Christmas presents to me. These are size sixes with KnitPicks Shadow in grape jelly.

Obviously, knitting lace on size sixes will be good for my wrist problem, right? I saw the post about Olympic Speed Knitting, we'll see if I can manage to follow the advice and not injure myself.

Hmm, I'm not sure if your hats look girlie because, well, you're a girl and you're modelling them, or if they actually are girlie. What's it look like when Phil wears one? I'd suggest not having him wear the roll brim one though. That one's definitely more girlie.

As for the YO hole problem, I think you may be getting holes if you were making the YO at the turning point like a regular YO. After you turned, did you bring the yarn UNDER the right needle, over it and then to the back of the work (backwards YO) before continuing on, or just over the needle as you usually would do a YO? Check out this post by Nona on short rows using the YO technique as she describes it pretty well. I'm not sure that this is the reason for your holes, but the instructions in the Knitty pattern for YO short rows are different from what Nona describes. I haven't encountered holes when I've used the backwards YO as Nona described.

If this is the problem, then I think you could probably just twist the YO to correct the way it's seated and then knit it together with the next stitch.

rock on!! i love the hat and the alien gloves are def. alien....but super cool!

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