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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

Totally Yarn Obsessed

I've listened to/read about all sorts of people claiming yarn obsession.

Being the cocky RIer I am, I just thought "man, I like knitting and all, but yarn obsessed, that's a little wacky."

I was wrong. It crept up on me (I've been knitting for about two years). All I think about is knitting, and picking up crochet again, and learning to spin and weave. When I am not knitting I am madly checking blogs and looking for knitting books and thinking about going to the yarn store.

Now here is a picture to keep you interested and because I am going to change the subject.

From left to right: Tricky, my sister Alicia's cat, and Freda, my MM Mim's (mother's) cat.

I was on the Yarn Harlot's blog today and looking at the frapper map. Now, I live in San Francisco, and am happy to represent this lovely city, but I am disturbed by the lack of Rhode Island knitters and my loyalties are divided. Where are you people? Represent. Old Skool.

mmmmm - pretty kitties! :D

I hear ya on the yarn obsessedness... It totally dominates my thoughts 9 times out of 10... I want to get more yarn, knit more things, work on my spinning with my drop spindle, start saving for a wheel... AAAAAHHHH!!!

And now my non-knitting friend, but total enabler, wants to get herself an angora rabbit if I promise to spin up the hair and knit something with it :| Uh... okay?

who needs to be a vet, anyhow.. I'll just drop out and knit ALL THE TIME.

not yarn obsessed??? don't lie, beth....i've seen your hanging yarn tree thingy....

I went to the Harlot to represent but couln't find the map. Help me.

MM Mim

So! Dad's lap doesn't get a mention

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