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Saturday, February 17, 2007 

Two Crafters, Two Coasts

Hello on this beautiful snowy and cold/sunny and warm day.

Today both the Mimbly and I, on our respective sides of the country, had crafty excursions.

The Mim

Being a good daughter, M.M. Mim braved the snowy and icy roads of Rhode Island and Mass to bring her mother handmade goodies.

First, the rocking chair cushions.

Mim made these with fabric from Lorraine Mills. Check out the piping on those puppies.

She also went to good ol' Mass bearing socks.

The green yarn is a lifeline Mimbly put in. Looks like they fit, so no need.

Note the delicate ankle of Honey, my beloved Nana. Nana knits some mean blankets. Behold:

We have two blankets from Nana, and I can't remember which was the birthday and which was the wedding shower gift. Regardless, they are warm and well-crafted.

The Me

Those of you in SF might have noticed that today was around 70 degress and sunny. Phil and I trekked to Golden Gate Park to enjoy the sun and fresh of air of NOT STUDYING.

The fresh air (and flowers. Blooming in February. Outside)

The sun

These are my new shades, bought merely an hour before on Market St. I have been minus sunglasses since our trip to England in July. The store had these guys and their friends, which ranged from $8 to $18. Also, they carried the fancy glasses (Prada, Ralph Lauren, etc.) under lock and key. The locked glasses hovered near $250 (I found out when I asked to look at some Prada glasses so I could see the price, but not because I really thought I would buy them). NB-I can't afford things that merchants lock up.

At the park Phil read out loud

while I knit.

And then, Phil slept

while I knit.

I finished the back of this sweater and began one side today. Phew, life is tough sometimes.

Two very different days, two quite similar crafters.

i'm VERY impressed with the piping (and the idea to use a lifeline for socks...interesting).

the photo of phil sleeping in the sun is awesome.

I passed a copy of this entry on to Nana. She wants to know if you have a picture of her foot hanging up in your home.


I love this story, accented with photos. you are too cute.

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