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Tuesday, March 20, 2007 

New Buy and Must Haves

For some reason, finding a new place to live almost always means time in bookstores for us. Bookstores are like "goo." You go there so you can rest between insane exhausting runs around the playground...or rather, city. When we moved to SF, we spent days in the bookstores reading on comfy chair (it took more than a week for our furniture to come), and now we wait in them between viewing appointments (which last 20 minutes tops, as compared to the hours we spend in the bookstores).

Inevitably, I drag two chairs together so Phil and I can sit next to each other (or "side by each" in his native tongue) and then describe the knitting books I am perusing. Phil attempts to read books about math or cats or anything that grabs his attention. I take about six knitting books and verbally judge them to my poor husand who is trying to concentrate on his book about a jazz legend I have never heard of. The books then get separated into two piles "I want" and "This sucks." The piles don't make the narrating stop, instead, it is simply more focused. It could sound like one of the two following conversations (dramatized for television).

The I Want Book
Bethro: Sweetie, look at this sweater. I have to make this sweater.
Phil: Very nice
Bethro: What size needles does it use?
Phil: What?
Bethro: I said, what size needles does it use. Oh, fives. Never mind. Oh! Look at these socks. These socks are great. I could make you these socks.

The This Sucks Book
Bethro: Sweetie, look at this sweater.
Phil: Hmmmm
Bethro: Who would wear that? You know what they say, just because you can knit it, doesn't mean you should.
Phil: Very ugly
Bethro: And that model is ugly. Why is she making that face?
Phil: Don't know.

As you can see, criticisms do not remain only relevant to the patterns. The point of this long pictureless post is that I have a new knitting book, and I want particular knitting books I do not have.

New Buy

I bought Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You've Got the Ring). It is a play on the superstition and has a pattern for every phase of the relationship. Cute, no?

It is so rare to find a book all with men's patterns that doesn't include sweater vests. This book is no exception. It has two. But almost every other pattern rocks. Phil really wants the argyle socks, but yikes, colorwork. We'll see.

The two last sweaters are also high on the possibility list. The one on the cover is made with fives. See above conversation for how I feel about that.

Must Haves

Classic Knits


Fitted Knits

I'm all Id about these. WANT WANT WANT

Deep cleansing breaths in...... out......

Then put the books you must have on your Amazon wish list which you will distribute to all your adoring relatives just before your birthday. Believe it or not, this is almost as rewarding as seeing the books on your shelf. Trust me on this- I've got the tee shirt on craft booklust.

MM Mim

this is funny...i can totally picture these conversations.

fitted knits - it's a good one, i just got it.
classic knits - want it...did you get it or no?
man sweater book - umair wants argyle too...whats up with them? should we attempt them together?

i love fitted knits! i want to make almost everything in it.

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